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  5. "Väärin, minulla on kissa."

"Väärin, minulla on kissa."

Translation:Wrong, I have a cat.

July 10, 2020



This feels stiff. In English to hear someone tell me "Wrong, I have ____," I would feel a little attacked--as if I was being yelled at by the buzzer in a game show. It feels like someone trying to turn something into a fight or argument. Rather, in English I think it's more common or polite to say "Actually" instead of "wrong." Here, is it just teaching the word or does this connect to cultural usage too?


Just teaching the word. If someone asked me if I had a parakeet, bunny, dog etc., I'd just say e.g. "Ei ole" (No, I don't) or just "Ei" (No).

"Väärin" is only used in a situation you described (game show) or perhaps if some child wanted others to guess what pet they have and the others keep giving wrong answers.


Is "väärin" used like a simple "no" in this sentence? So, if someone asked you

  • Do you have a dog?

could you say

  • Väärin, minulla on kissa.

or is it more like

  • Guess what kind of pet I have.
  • A dog?
  • Väärin, minulla on kissa.


More like the latter.


Väärin is used here more likely because of the double vowel ää.


That väärin is kind of annoying


Can väärin also be used in the sense of not the correct one, like "Tämä on väärin kissa" meaning "this is the wrong cat, I meant that other cat"?


yes but the it's conjugated differently. "this is the wrong cat" would be "tämä on väärä kissa"

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