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"There is a Finn who wants some peace and quiet sitting in the tree."

Translation:Puussa istuu suomalainen, joka haluaa olla rauhassa.

July 10, 2020



There is about 5.5 million of those.


Peace and quiet?? But the translation will only accept peace


I think something is missing


The finnish version is closer to: there is a finn sitting in the tree who wants to be in peace/ quiet.


the translation is not correct. i miss the word for quiet in the boxes and if you translate with the finnish word for quiet (hilja..) it is wrong. please correct. or remove the words "and quiet" from the sentence


Native English speaker, this English is pretty awkward here. A more natural way to say this would be, "there is a Finn sitting in the tree who wants some peace and quiet."

That's the English part. Also, on the Finnish part, where did the word for quiet go?

I'm not quite sure what to report this as, but I'm doing it, sep 18 :)

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