"Les enfants peignent ce qu'ils souhaitent."

Translation:The kids paint what they wish.

July 10, 2020

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"Enfants" does NOT translate to "Kids" Duo....for goodness sake YOU taught us that at the beginning of this course!!!

Les Gosses or Les Gamins = The Kids

Les Enfants = The children


Yes. I hate this casual use of kids to replace children. The formal/informal register should be kept the same in both languages.


The problem is that french uses enfants way more than english uses children. For example, if you're seeing a group of kids and you need to get them to stop you call "Les enfants !" You never address a group of kids as "Children!" when you're trying to get their attention.


What? Why not? Have I been doing it wrong the whole time?


Funny, as a teacher I would call out "children" if I needed their attention, but I always felt goofy, lol.

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Does this sentence indicate that 1) the children are painting the topic of their choice OR 2) are they painting the objects that they wish for (like a horse if they wish they had a horse)? If the answer is #1, then how would one say #2 in French? ¨Les enfants peignent les choses qu´ils souhaitent recevoir¨ ?


I would be grateful if someone could advise whether "souhaitent" means: - 'do as they wish': whatever they would like to do, OR - 'what they wish for': dream for or their heart's desire, OR - either of these, and it depends on context. It feels like the usage here contradicts previous examples.


what's wrong with 'want'?


The children paint whatever they wish? Rejected.


Your suggestion got me curious so I looked up whatever. Apparently "ce que" means "what" and "quoi que" means whatever.


The children paint what they wish for

Is this bad english or should it be accepted? (not a native speaker)


Prenez soin ! There is a typo in the "correct" answer. I typed "ce qu'ils souhaitent" and was told i have a typo, it should have been "ce qu'il souhaite". At least i didn't get it wrong.


Pronunciation question: For the conjugations of 'peindre', the 'g' in the plural forms seems to change the stem pronunciation from "ah" to "eh" sound. Is this correct?


I can't comment on "eigne" in general, but specifically for "peindre" you seem to be correct according to the pronunciation recordings here: https://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-peindre.html Also, the pronunciation of "enseigner" (to teach) that we've had match what you said: https://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-enseigner.html


Perhaps it's just that I'm an older generation, but I would never have addressed a group of children in school as "kids", I would always have said "children", especially if I didn't know them very well, although I might have said "My kids" when talking about my own children. I also put "whatever they wish", which was rejected, as "what they wish" does not sound natural to me in English.

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