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"Suomalaiset pelaavat pesäpalloa."

Translation:The Finns are playing nestball.

July 10, 2020



Nestball is not a thing.

[deactivated user]

    I think it should be "Finnish baseball"


    Finnish baseball is a term that most English speakers will recognise. Nestball, not so much. And after all, pesäpallo was designed by two Finns who returned from the US, and who wanted a more exciting game than American baseball.


    Well, good for them. But surely they already had a really long list of games available??


    When I look up "nestball" a lot of information about poké balls come up. Wikipedia has an actual article listed under Finnish baseball. Directly translating this to nestball is confusing.


    Why is this partitive?


    Because of the verb. There are the so-called partitive verbs which demand the object to be in Partitive. There are quite a bit we saw in this tree:

    rakastaa (to love), halata (to hug), ajatella (to think of), etsiä (to look for), seurata (to follow), harrastaa (to do as a hobby), soittaa (to play the...(where "..." is the name of a music instrument)), toivoa (to wish), huomata (to notice), auttaa (to help), katsella (to watch), ihailla (to admire), varoa (to watch out)...and I might be forgetting some :)


    I thought it was the same as korfball but there are some differences according to wikipedia and the pictures I found

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