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" as-tu mis le balai qui était dans le placard ?"

Translation:Where did you put the broom that was in the closet?

July 10, 2020



where did you put the brush that was in the cupboard was not accepted. Why? We don't have closets in the UK and most people sweep the floor with a brush


Collins dictionary agrees with you. It’s best to report it when you do the sentence, then your translation will have a good chance of being added if it is correct. Sadly, nothing will come of reporting it here. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/balai https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/placard


We used to call the cupboard in our hall the broom cupboard.


it has not been corrected I was still marked wront


Happy to report it has been corrected - cupboard was accepted. 9/24/2020


Whereas "where have you put...." and "where did you put...." are relatively non-regional differences in a decaying English, and whereas "As-tu" conjugates with "avoir", the translation "Where have you put the boom" is to be deemed superior, especially for teaching, since the French and the English are so close.

The regional differences though, are hard to reconcile. British and Aussies use "brushes" rather than "brooms" and don't have closets. Indeed, the English and the Americans are sisters separated by a common language.


Please accept 'brush in the cupboard' (UK Eng). Reporting.


We would never say closet or broom in English. I wrote "Where have you put the brush which was in the cupboard" which was not accepted.

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