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"Ciamar a tha thu? Tha gu math."

Translation:How are you? Well.

July 10, 2020



Why 'tha gu math' and not just 'tha math' . Tha what does the 'gu' add


gu + an adjective = an adverb. So in this case math = good, and gu math = well. You can think of the gu as equivalent to the -ly on regular English adverbs, e.g. luath = quick, gu luath= quickly.


Thanks. I must have missed that along the way.


One of the very few bits of Gaelic I learned at father's knee. (It went on, "Ciamar a tha thu fhèin?" but for a long time that was all the Gaelic I had. And I was very surprised when I finally found out how "fhèin" was spelled.)

So are languages lost.


So is this really a shortened version of "tha mi gu math" (I am well) because the "mi" is considered unnecessary somehow?

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