"Après avoir entendu la nouvelle, je l'ai appelé."

Translation:After having heard the news, I called him.

July 10, 2020

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after having heard the news i called her should also be accepted - there is no clue to the gender here


I think that would be a feminine preceding direct object, so the past participle would have to add an e - appelée. Verbs conjugated with avoir do agree with a feminine object that precedes the verb. https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/special-cases-when-the-past-participle-agrees-in-number-and-gender-when-used-with-avoir-in-le-passe-compose-conversational-past


That's a sneaky one


Thanks! I knew the rule, but totally forgot it! :)


But here, surely, there is no known male or feminine person referred to in the actual sentence, and no need to presume that there was a theoretical sentence before it. Hence there would be no need to override the usual agreement for AVOIR. So, I aver, we still don't know the gender of the person called definitively.


I don't think so, but I am not sure, if I am able to explain why :)

"the usual agreement for avoir" - what do you mean by that? :) As @JennyRusse1 wrote, in this sentence, the object (l') preceds the verb (appelé). Therefore, in this case (these types of sentences), the verb (which is in "passé composé") has to agree with the object (l'), not subject (as opposed to verbs with "être" in passé composé). You can see that there is no "e" at the end of "appelé". If there was "appelée", you would have to translate it as "her".


Hi, Tanulda. What do I mean by the "usual agreement"? The AVOIR past participle does not have a gender ordinarily, that is, no grave accent "e". I think we are on the same page, sort of. Having a rethink, I think I'm mistaken................In which case, "Je l'ai appele" is always "I called him",..........and "Je l'ai appelee" is always "I called her" even if just in standalone sentences.


To my ears, the English sounds really weird. Having heard - yes; after hearing - yes; after having heard - no.


I thought that "the news" was "les nouvelles".....plural. Now, all of a sudden, without explination, it's singular. Please tell me what's going on.

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