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"Grandpa, do you speak Japanese?"

Translation:Vaari, puhutko sinä japania?

July 10, 2020



Isoisä, Pappa and Vaari should all be accepted in my opinion.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, isoisä is the most "neutral".


    Don't forget "ukki"! :)


    I think so too. I understand that they expect us to use the words from the current lesson (vaari), but I do not think that other words that mean the same should be counted as incorrect (isoisä, ukki).


    I've gotten so many things "wrong" during these lessons because I am using words that aren't from current lessons. And from what I remember grandpa & grandfather can all be translated to both vaari & isoisä (not like grandpa must be only vaari & grandfather must be only isoisä)


    Isoisa should be ok

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