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"a big plate and a small plate"

Translation:iso lautanen ja pieni lautanen

July 10, 2020



What's the difference between "iso" and "suuri"?


Often there is no difference. However, suuri is slightly more formal (you'd probably say "suuri tragedia" of some very tragic event not "iso") and there are some coined expressions where only one works. If you say someone was a "suuri mies" you might mean they were a great man but if they're "iso mies" they're either very large or you're telling them to man up/act like a grownup.

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    No difference.


    in my opinion iso is "big" and suuri is "large"


    Is "iso ja pieni lautanen" like "a big and a small plate" possible? Or would that be written differently?

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    That's definitely possible and probably the way most Finns would say it. But I guess the translation has to be that way to be accurate.


    Why is the sentence not in partitive? Since it´s ´a´ plate.


    This is not a sentence. :) Besides, plates are countable, so you might not need the partitive anyway.

    Missä on iso lautanen?

    Minulla on pieni lautanen.

    Rakastan tuota isoa lautasta. (Here the verb "rakastaa" is the reason for the partitive.)

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