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  5. "Neulon uutta paitaa."

"Neulon uutta paitaa."

Translation:I am knitting a new shirt.

July 10, 2020



You don't knit a shirt. You knit a sweater. A knitted shirt is called a sweater.


I agree. Sounds totally bizarre.


Or a jumper, jersey, pullover, tank-top, top (loosely) or a cardigan. But not a shirt. (I acknowledge the links below, but they are exceptions, and don't make great examples... but then again, I didn't object to sharks playing ice hockey or eagle-owls playing football, so perhaps I should just get my priorities straight!)


It's not totally unheard of--see some of the patterns here: https://blog.nobleknits.com/blog/summer-tee-knitting-patterns. But yeah, the question of what's a handknitted shirt and what's just a really lightweight sweater is kind of hazy.


But none of these are shirts in widely understood sense, they are knit tops, or as the article says “tee’s”, which, I suppose, implies “t-shirt”. The word “shirt” means something else. A shirt is traditionally sort of a formal piece of clothing made of stitched fabric, has a collar and buttons. In all other senses an additional description is used (polo shirt, t-shirt, etc)


How do you knit a shirt? Maybe a top? A sweater?


And how does a song groove like a moose? These may be Finnish things we just don't understand. Yet.


I mean if you can knit toys why not shirts I suppose but it would need to be a thin ply and a tight knit


Well, shirts (in the sense that is widely understood in English) are made of woven fabric, not knit fabric, completely different way of creating fabric, different texture, different look. When the word “shirt” is used, it implies “dress shirt” in 99% of cases, and that can’t be knit, can only be sewn.


But it is specified it is knitted type of a shirt. General sense of the word doesn’t have that context. We can debate a lot on this And find all sorts of exceptions, but it won’t make the sentence any less weird. Kitting a shirt isn’t something that happens under any more or less normal circumstances. People generally knit sweaters, tops, scarves, hats, stuff like that. Peace!

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