"Here, everyone has a desk with a computer."

Translation:Ici, chacun a un bureau avec un ordinateur.

July 10, 2020

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How do you know when bureau means desk and when it means office?


It could be both here in my opinion, depending on context.


Could you use "pupitre" (as I had a long time ago at school) to distinguish desk from office?


And why "tous" doesn't work here?


Bonjour: 'Tous' is the plural of 'tout' as I'm sure you know. The idiom is 'tout le monde," or literally "all the world." Since we so far have only one world, we need the singular 'tout' rather than the plural 'tous.'

On the other hand, I look forward to encountering the line 'Tous ces mondes sont à vous, sauf Europa.' - "All these worlds are yours, save Europa," in Arthur C, Clarke's "2010, Odyssée deux.' I'm partway through '2001, l'Odyssée d'espace' and that is at least as helpful as Duolingo now. No silly lines about the boss's penguin; au lieu de cela, Dave Bowman a recemment tué l'ordinateur HAL 9000, il y a cinq ou six pages, et il continuera seul jusqu'à Saturne dans l'astronef Discovery.

If you need more than just Duo - and trust me, you DO! - I recommend reading as much as you can - REAL reading in French (or your language of choice). Read Le Devoir, or Robert Munsch in French if that's your level. The Albert Camus novel 'L'Étranger' is a good starting place, too. I've got a 49-year-old copy in a box somewhere in the basement, from my university days. I'll have to dig it out. But I REALLY wish I could have my late father's copy of Les Miserables; it was from the 1930s and it was the whole book. He probably tossed it thinking it was without value. :(

Ah, mais j'ai trop écrit; bonne soirée à tous!


"Ici tout le monde a un bureau avec un ordinateur" was accepted.


See... I would think I was getting my own office.


Yeah. I got an office with "my own" computer. The desk kinda comes with the office. But 'bureau' also translates as "desk" so you coupld be moving to a shared office with your own desk and 'puter. I don't care whether it's a desk or an office; sharing either sucks.

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