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Nothing Gold Can Stay

There is a new problem with gaining back mastery of words. It seems that the algorithm that finds the weakest words has been changed and improved, but now the words that their strength is marked as less than perfect are not synchronized with the ones appear in the sentences when clicking "Practice Weakest Words" in the vocabulary. Also, when I practice an individual word in the vocabulary, the only form of it that needs practice and is not marked as perfectly strong is not in the practice either, so it decays, and I can't get it back. The amount of weakest words becomes impossible to follow. Please fix it so all of the words can be gold again. Thank you very much :)

May 14, 2013



Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.


My Fave Book!

Stay Gold,


We're going to clear this up! :)


Thank you very much! (:

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