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  5. "Puola on kaunis paikka."

"Puola on kaunis paikka."

Translation:Poland is a beautiful place.

July 10, 2020



"Poland is a pretty place." is surely OK too?


I think I read in another thread that the difference between nätti and kaunis in Finnish is more stricter than the one between pretty and beautiful in English, and that this difference is therefore upheld in this course. Or something along those lines.


Exactly as annika_a put it. Kaunis means beautiful and you use this word when you mean someone is actually beautiful (like a stunning sunset or the eyes of your newborn). Pretty means nätti and that's used when something/someone is pleasant to look at (like a dandelion or a pretty dress), but not so much that they could be called beautiful. It's a big difference in Finnish.

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