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"The amount of water is important."

Translation:De hoeveelheid water is belangrijk.

August 6, 2014



I though there was something odd about the world 'hoeveelheit', when it struck me: it literally meant 'how-much-ness'!

I like these little realisations.


Then you must also like belangrijk. This literally means rich of importance/interest (interest in the meaning of "somebody's interest in a cause")

  • belang = importance/interest
  • rijk = rich


Yup, I spotted that too. I'm on the lookout for anything like that when I come across it as it can make it easier to pick up vocabulary, and gives clues to how the language forms compound words, which can be a vocabulary multiplier.


That's right, and they come in all kinds of types and shapes. One that was pointed out to me recently is slachtoffer (victim), made by combining slachten (to slaughter/kill/butcher) and offer (a sacrifice/offering). Sounds pretty gruesome and harsh for e.g. the victim of a pickpocket. But then if you think about e.g. a Mayan human sacrifice it may make more sense to be 'sacrificed to be slaughtered'. By the way, since slachtoffer is such a common word, to me (and I guess to most Dutch) it probably looks like the word victim looks to you, I don't think about sacrifices and being slaughtered. :)


Can someone explain why it's not hoeveelheid van het/de (Can never remember those articles) water? I would like to know the grammar behind it.


So here the article agrees with hoeveelheid, not water?


Irritation because of missing präposition: I found out that there is in fact no corresponding präposition required for 'hoeveelheid', but it still feels incomplete without it. No '... van' or '... of' - does that feel strange to anyone else?


Why is it not "Het"?


Because it's de hoeveelheid.


Thanks, but “the large water” would be “het grote water”?

  • The amount / De hoeveelheid = noun
  • large / groot/grote = adjective


Ah okay, thank you. Just need to learn my own language first :-)


The missing preposition does feel very wrong to me. It's there in English and in my mother tongue German.... But I suppose we have to get accustomed to it.

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