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"Voilà les légumes dont j'ai besoin pour la soupe."

Translation:Here are the vegetables that I need for the soup.

July 10, 2020



Why is dont used instead of que?


Dont is the word that replaces de que: J'ai besoin de ce livre, c'est le livre dont j'ai besoin.

If we didn't use de in the sentence, it would be que: Je veux ce livre, c'est le livre que je veux.


'Here are' would be 'voici' wouldn't it?


I agree. I learned some years ago that 'voilà' translates as "there is/are' while 'voici' translates as 'here is/are'.


I don't get it. The first time I did this exercise I put "Voici les légumes dont j'ai besoin pour la soupe" and it was marked right, but it came up again, it was marked wrong!!


Perhaps you made a tiny typo second time around? I got one wrong for hitting the "than" rather than "that" block from the word bank on a different exercise. I didn't even see it when I checked before hitting check! Very annoying!

The brain fools us into thinking that we've read exactly what we wanted to write (I've been proofing for a good 20 years and even the smartest people - PhDs! - have made tiny errors, so you're in great company!)

Also, DL can be incredibly inconsistent, so they might have changed it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why not have "these are" as an alternate translation to "here are"?


I wonder the same.


Because they mean different things.

These are : ces sont . . . Here are : voila . . .

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