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"Tämä veitsi on tässä ja tuo veitsi on tuossa."

Translation:This knife is right here and that knife is right there.

July 10, 2020



Right here - why not just here?


Maybe Finnish has a concept of close here vs. far here.
The problem with this sentence is that English doesn't.



Tämä - tässä - täällä (this - right here - over here)

Tuo - tuossa - tuolla (that - right there - over there) - not close to the speaker or the person being spoken to

Se - siinä - siellä (it - right there - over there) - close to the person being spoken to but not close to the speaker


This is definitely a line from a marital spat. "Honey, where did you put all the knives???"


This sentence makes no sense at all. In what situation would you say this? Give me one situation, just one.

Minun veitsi on tässä ja sinun veitsi on tuossa. Mutta

Valkoinen veitsi on tässä ja musta veitsi on tuossa.

Would at least make a little sense


Well, you would say it if you were teaching someone a language and wanted to help them learn tama/tassa and tuo/tuossa. I, for one, was grateful for this sentence, because I was having trouble with those two word pairs. There are lots of sentences in this course that will never come up in conversation. They're here to help us learn.


This is a dessert knife and that is a dinner knife! You don't understand! We have different knives for a reason!


I thought knife was Puukko. Väärin.


Puukko is a specific kind of knife.

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