"Peu importe notre genre, on porte ce qu'on veut."

Translation:It doesn't matter our gender; we wear what we want.

July 10, 2020

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Again, this literal translation from French doesn't really work. A more natural-sounding English translation would be: "Our gender doesn't matter, we wear what we want."


I totally agree with you. I offered the same translation, which is, I would argue, acceptable English. Duo's translation is definitely not.


"no matter their gender" 1,540,000

"whatever their gender" 986,000 (with "our" this is the most common)

"whatever their gender is" 31,600

"it doesn't matter their gender" 9,610 (it just doesn't seem right here)

"their gender doesn't matter" 8,670

So what exactly is wrong with it? It's coming across as "when" rather than "if" we are either gender? As if "we" as a group are taking turns trying either gender? Something just isn't right there, on that we can agree . . .


That's exactly what I put, and it was accepted...


I agree as well!


Would "Regardless of our gender, we wear what we want", be acceptable? It seems to me a good match as to construction, syntax, and meaning.


Yes, or "no matter our gender"

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    Tom692084, "regardless" would be my first choice in English, too. However, in French I believe that would be, "Sans distinction de notre genre..."


    So I had to repeat the translation, I put what you wanted Duo and it was marked as correct. But it isn't! Please allow an alternative translation.


    This sentence is strange. Is there a better acceptable translation?


    Our gender doesn’t matter


    "No matter our gender, we wear what we want." not accepted. It is colloquial and nearly an exact translation.

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    This reminds me of the cute, R rated film: Ma vie en rose. The main character is a confused girl whose community refuses to accept she is not a boy. Great film, go see it if you haven't already unless any exposure to strong language will offend you.


    Please change the translation to Our gender doesn't matter, we wear what we want


    Agree, I also had "No matter our gender" marked wrong.


    Agree with all of you. I put 'it doesn't matter what our gender is. We wear what we want.' This should have been accepted. Half of the challenge with Duolingo is not understanding the meaning but guessing knowing the particular American English phrasing Duo will decree is the only acceptable answer. Not happy!


    This isn't "American English." We would say something like, "Our gender doesn't matter."


    Another question where the challenge is not understanding the French language but guessing what the mangled American English translation that Duolingo's wretched algorithm demands.


    No matter our gender - should be accepted


    How about "Our gender being of little importance; we wear what we want."


    The English here is so off, it's staggering.


    Oh, I think I get it. They forgot the word "to." "It doesn't matter to our gender."


    Why do we have to write "gender" when "type" is an acceptable translation and more universal?


    Because in context it's plainly not what is meant here?

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