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"Minulla on kiire, koska en halua olla myöhässä."

Translation:I am in a hurry, because I do not want to be late.

July 10, 2020



Could somebody please explain details about "minulla on kiire" usage? Usually, it is translated either as "I am busy" or "I am in a hurry", and in many cases those translations mean in essence the same: "I have some process going on and cannot be distracted by you". However, in this phrase, "I am busy" clearly does not work (I haven't try it, but just because of the second part of the phrase it should not). So, in which cases precisely do I use "minulla on kiire". Like, I would not say "I am busy" if I am trying to catch the bus in time, but I would say "I am in a hurry". On the other hand, if I am focused on a homework and do not want to loose focus (although there is no time pressure), I would say "I am busy", but not "I am in a hurry". Can I use "minulla on kiire" in both situations? And are there more specific phrases for these situations? Thank you in advance!


"Minulla on kiire" translates better to "I am in a hurry" in most cases. You would usually use it if you have to go somewhere, you have a meeting that you need to attend to and you are short on time etc.

"Minä olen kiireinen" would translate to "I am busy" better than "Minulla on kiire". It's a broader statement about how you have a lot to do. However, there are obviously a lot of ways to say you are busy/have something else important to do that are used. For example "Minulla on muuta tekemistä" (I have something else to do)


It can't be used to express being busy if there isn't a looming time limit involved. I can't think of a Finnish word that expresses being busy in the sense of being in the middle of doing something but not necessarily in a hurry.


So really "busy" shouldn't ever be given as a translation? Because it usually means that you just have something more important to do rather than something that you have to get done quickly.


Quite a lot depends on context in translation, so it might not always be detrimental to the quality of the translation.


What is "I have to hurry"

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