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"I am certain that this sentence is in Finnish."

Translation:Olen varma, että tämä lause on suomea.

July 10, 2020



Shouldn't it be '...Suomeksi'?


That's what I thought too. Anyone got an explanation?


Translative isn't taught until intermediate level Finnish courses. It's way beyond the level of this lesson. But they should just omit "in" to avoid confusion.


Gratefully recognizing how dl-finnish's scope can carry us to a certain immersion extent, would either uusikielemme.fi, or an agi risko or other text be recommended for those who may wish to further examine finnish, proto-finnic and sami languages?


Should be Suomeksi?


Clearly, in many cases "minä" or "sinä" can be omitted. But in some cases (like this), omission seems to be obligatory. Is this a case, or it is just an issue of beta?)


Just a beta issue! They can always be omitted as a subject (but don't have to be omitted). Please report if you have this issue with other sentences too so that we can add both translations.


I suomea? Isnt suomea just the partitive of suomi? Isn't is referring only to finland as the country?


Suomi (with capital S) = Finland, suomi = Finnish language.


Its long time not anymore in beta. But still so faults and you dont can do the last achitment with 1,5K. You get here only

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