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"Huh! Tämä kastike on tosi vahvaa."

Translation:Whoa! This dressing is really strong.

July 10, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Kastike is sauce, if its used with salad like in salaattikastike its dressing, but not on its own as you can have kastike on other foods eg ice cream and then it's not a dressing. Also woah is not the only translation for Huh! Generally it means Oh!

    Thank goodness this is still in beta but I'm concerned where they are getting the English translations from. I truly hope its not google!!?


    Google translate is really good for eg english spanish and french, but finnish can be a lot of fun.


    "Woah!" is actually spelled "Whoa!"


    When did we learn Huh as a Finnish word?


    woah, this sauce is really strong, why is this wrong


    They seem to be pushing kastike as "dressing", not "sauce". Also, it "woah" is spelled wrong, in English it is "whoa"


    Can someone please explain to me the difference between 'tosi' and 'todella'?


    When modifying an adjective (as is the case here) they mean the same thing. "Tosi" is more common is spoken Finnish and slightly more casual in tone, but can also appear in written Finnish as an adjective, as in "Tämä on tosi" ("That is true"). "Tosi" in the partitive case is "totta" which is common in phrases like "totta kai". "Todella" is standard Finnish and has, in speech, a somewhat more serious tone. For the most part, they are interchangeable, though. I hope this helps.

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