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"Lääkkeet ovat jossain keittiössä."

Translation:The medications are somewhere in the kitchen.

July 10, 2020



"The medications are in the kitchen somewhere" should be an acceptable answer.


Did you report it using the flag?


in English singular "medication" is used to refer to an arbitrary amount of (a single type of) medicine as well, with the plural used to indicate multiple different types. Would "lääkkeet" be used similarly?


Kind of: lääkkeet (which is plural) can in practice be either one or several types.


so, if you had (for example) a bottle of aspirin, would you call that lääkkeet, or use the singular?


Hmm... The singular word lääke does exist, and I would certainly use it when talking metaphorically (Liikunta on paras lääke = Exercise is the best medication).

I might also ask Onko sinulla jotain kipulääkettä? = Do you have some kind of painkillers?.

But most commonly, I'd say Otin aamulääkkeet = I took my morning medication (whether 1 pill or 10), Mitä lääkkeitä sinulle määrättiin? = What medication were you prescribed? (regardless of number of prescriptions), and Muista ottaa lääkkeet mukaan = Remember to bring your medication (regardless of number of types of medication).

Maybe someone else can find some rules in this mess...


Thanks for the examples!

Coming from English I tend to not expect rules or sense for anything :P But from the examples, it seems maybe the singular is used to refer in the most abstract sense (you were prescribed a medication, with no specificity to amount at all) whereas any concrete amounts (like a bottle of pills that you physically have, or a daily dose) is plural?


(recognizing that even in cases where there is a rule, it's not necessarily easy to reason about one's native language in that way!)


Oh, and medication in the sense of "the act or process of medicating" is lääkehoito (medicinal treatment) or lääkitys.


Why is "medicines" not allowed?


Sure! It's been added now, so it can take up to a couple of weeks before it shows up in all versions.


In my experience with English so far, "drug" is more commonly used for medications than for narcotics. I won't report it though until someone says if it's correct or not.

Edit: also how about "meds"?


Medication is already plural


In terms of grammar, it's singular.

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