"On ne peut plus gérer cette situation impossible."

Translation:We can no longer manage this impossible situation.

July 10, 2020

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To be honest, there is NO better way to say it than what Duo provided. For both French and English. I advise people to just copy the default translations.

(Now I await the down votes from Duo haters.)


'We can manage this impossible situation no longer' should be accepted. Perfectly good English.


Sounds more like German. We would never put "no longer" on the end like that. It has to go before or after "can". (native speaker)


Gotta disagree with "never". To me, "we can manage this impossible situation no longer" sounds like something a politician might say in a speech.


"We cannot manage any longer this impossible situation" - was rejected.


Why not: We can't cope with this impossible situation any more


Linguee accepts 'to cope with' as one of the less common meanings of 'gérer' but both it and Larousse indicate that its main meanings imply a form of control: eg 'manage', 'handle (eg a situation)', 'deal with' or 'administer'.

Larousse prefers 'supporter' as the general verb for 'to cope'. HTH.


How about, "We can manage this impossible situation no longer"?

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