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  5. "Rakastan Suomea!"

"Rakastan Suomea!"

Translation:I love Finland!

July 10, 2020



Rakastan tämä lause :-D

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Rakastan tätä lausetta.


Could it also mean ' I love Finnish' as in the language

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No. If you write "Suomea" (starting with capital letter), it means counry. If you mean language, it is "rakastan suomea". with lower case.

[deactivated user]

    That may be true, but ..... I got this sentence as a listening exercise. No context was given, just the sound of "rakastan suomea", so in my case, just listening, I could not determine whether the meaning of suomea referred to suomen kieli or to Suomi!

    I actually think in a lot of cases a very short description of context would be useful. Although I did not, and will not report this, I do hope this somehow makes its way to the DL-finnish language developers.

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    True. You can’t always know what’s in one sentence. The context says so.


    Thanks for the reminder! I came onto the discussions page to find out the difference between Suomea and Suomi ... they both seem to mean Finland, as in:

    "Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa, mutta Norja on."


    "Me rakastamme Suomea, vaikka emme asu Suomessa."


    Suomea is partitive, I think, and Suomi is nominative.


    Verbs that convey emotions, like love, often require partitive case objects

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