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  5. "Onko se kaukana?"

"Onko se kaukana?"

Translation:Is it far?

July 10, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Is it far is very common translation no need to only accept far away.

    These errors are getting worse


    Well, that's only natural as the sentences (on average, not this particular one) are getting more complex. This is what a course being in beta is all about: Users report errors and omissions they find (using the flag after their answer has been rejected), and the team of volunteers process the reports and the course becomes better!


    If 'Is it far?" is incorrect, how would that be translated differently in Finnish?


    It is far means the same as ... far away. Ie it should be accepted without adding away


    What Annika said. Also, "far" on its own is fine irl. Thanks Finnish Duo team! <3


    "Is it far?" is now accepted. :)


    As Stiofan 28 says below, "is it far?" is perfectly acceptable English. There is no need for such pedantry!


    Is offering a beta course = pedantry?


    In answer to annika_a's comment "Is offering a beta course = pedantry?" I need to understand what a beta course is.


    If you use the browser version, you see an "In beta" banner at the top left. Well, this is Duolingo, so we never know what kind of A/B tests we are in, but usually you'd see it somewhere. It is also mentioned frequently in these discussions. Wikipedia: "A Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.".

    So when you are using a beta course, there's no point in expecting perfection. This is how Duolingo works: volunteers build the course using the framework the company offers, and then users help improve it by reporting mistakes and missing translations to the volunteers by using the little flag after each exercise. This iterative process continues even after the course has been deemed mature enough to graduate from the beta phase.

    The main point of these sentence discussions, on the other hand, is for users to be able to ask questions to help them learn the language being taught.

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