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"Hänellä on kartta ja kännykkä."

Translation:She has a map and a cell phone.

July 10, 2020



I typed in 'he has a map and phone' and it qas wrong, should have been accepted


They seem to require an article for every noun in English, even though we wouldn't necessarily use one.


Yes, but even with the articles it doesn't accept 'he'


I've had a number of other questions marked wrong because I don't use the "a" article on the second noun. Using 2 articles is more formal, but the other way isn't incorrect. It's like saying "don't" instead of "do not."


I think it is because "kännykkä" means cell phone.


I typed 'mobile' and it's not accepted, seriously? I work in IT specialized in mobiles :/


I've added it now and my edit will appear in the course in a week or two. I hope you reported it. Reporting is the surest way to get something accepted. :)


Thank you, Zzzzz... :)


In English, you don't need to repeat the article

[deactivated user]

    I'm English we say mobile phone or just mobile not cell


    That differs from English-speaking country to English-speaking country. But if mobile is not accepted, just report it.


    I just had the same, so I have reported it, as although Duolingo is US-based, British English is usually accepted, whether spelling (colour, saviour, grey, etc.) or word (railway, toilet, petrol, etc.)


    DavidLamb, Yes, though here and there there are UK variants which just never get accepted, but mostly, over time, they add them in, which is always appreciated :)


    As far as I know, cell phone is more popular in the US and by the words like theater not spelled the british way I assume Duolingo is more american than british. But iirc liquorice was not spelled licorice, so dunno.

    Anyway, I believe it should accept both versions and so you can flag the answer to let Duo team know.


    Both cell phone (USA) and mobil phone (UK) should be accepted by Duolingo because not all English speakers are American, either all those who speak English as a second or third language use American English, too.


    Duolingo usually does accept "mobile" or "mobile phone". I am British, and that is what I would put, yet I get the sentences concerned correct. I am assuming your "mobil" was a typo. If not that could have been why it was marked wrong.

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