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"Ele escreve um livro para eles."

Translation:He writes them a book.

May 14, 2013



I think this is a bad translation...."Ele escreve um livro para eles" Duo says "He writes them a book"

Is it not better to translate it as "He writes a book for them"?

would "He writes them a book" = "ele escreve-lhes um livro" ?


Another English version would seem more natural for sure. As for your sentence, that would be "ele lhes escreve um livro" but Duo's suggestion is much more natural ;)


With respect disagree. It is poor english grammar. It's a case of write 'to' you or write 'for' you but never 'write you.'

[deactivated user]

    Are you saying that 'He writes them a book' is the better of the two options??


    They are both right.


    I was given a choice between "para" and "param". What is "param"?


    Param - 3rd plural person for present tense: eles param de falar quando a professora chega na sala...


    Ok, that's what I thought... it's a verb and really has nothing to do with the unit on prepositions.


    And this was the third sentence within a couple of minutes with that strange choice


    How would you say "He writes a book FOR them" i.e., dedicating a book to them?

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