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"I love you, because you have a good heart."

Translation:Rakastan sinua, koska sinulla on hyvä sydän.

July 10, 2020



Miksi ei "minä rakastan sinua koska sinulla on hyvä sydän" ole oikein?


It's correct! You can always leave out or include 1st person (minä, me) and 2nd person (sinä, te) pronouns. You should report these kinds of mistakes, so they can be fixed.

Se on oikein! Voit aina jättää 1. ja 2. persoonan pronominit pois tai käyttää niitä. Kannattaa reportata tällaiset virheet, jotta ne voidaan korjata.


And the same blood type, I hope?


Why "sinulla on" and not "sinulla olet"?


To add to the other reply, the reason for this is the fact that the verb has to agree with the subject. It may seem confusing, but the subject is not "sinulla" because the subject is actually "hyvä sydän". Noun phrases that don't have a pronoun as the head are inherently in third person, so a third person verb is required. "Sinulla" is an adverbial because it's in adessive case. Subjects can only be in nominative, partitive, and genitive cases.


"sinulla olet" would mean "on you you are".

But the Finnish idea of "to have" is to say "on me is (whatever)".

That's why you have to say "minulla on" literally meaning "on me is".


What is wrong with "...hyvin sydäntä"?


hyvin is an adverb usually translated with "well". As for using the partitive, (hyvää) sydäntä, that would be treating "heart" as an uncountable noun and would mean being happy about someone having some heart, most likely for cooking. Which works fine if you enjoy French cuisine or are a member of a Hannibal fan club. But then the English sentence wouldn't have an article. :)

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