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  5. "What is the bull's name?"

"What is the bull's name?"

Translation:Dóola haash wolyé?

July 10, 2020



Why can't they pronounce them?! :(


Give the contributors some time to add the narrations! In the meantime, although I am not a native speaker, here is my take: https://vocaroo.com/1KAx6tMZcIcO


What is the difference between "haash wolyé" and "haash yinilyé"? Is yinilyé only used for people?


Wiktionary is indispensable for us, especially in this Beta course. Look up wolyé, and its conjugation chart shows this is third-person (both singular and duoplural), while yinilyé is SECOND person singular. So we'd use yinilyé if we are addressing a (single) bull, and asking it "What's your name?", but wolyé talking about a bull (either one bull or two of them) who is (are) neither the speaker nor the listener. Alas, this course doesn't get into the added complexity of "fourth person," etc., that are features of this language!

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