"We will push this back to later; it's not urgent."

Translation:On reportera ça à plus tard, ce n'est pas urgent.

July 10, 2020

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What's wrong with "Nous reporterons ça à tout à l'heure; ce n'est pas urgent"?


Tout à l'heure means a little later, soon, in a few minutes or a couple hours.


How can we know when to use nous and when to use on?


No one will ever answer this question. I have asked it before.


How come it's not tout à l'heure when all the other 'laters' in this lesson were. Where did we learn about à plus tard?


Where did we learn about à plus tard?

You just learned it, here.


I intuitively didn't put "à tout à l'heure" because it didn't sound right, but it would be useful to know if it's ok.


This exercise is the hardest in Duolingo. I've been marked wrong for plus tard and told to say à l'heure. So as soon as I use à l'heure it should be plus tard. I think I'll start learning Finnish or Chinese. They must be easier!


:D I speak Finnish and didn't know this.


Marked incorrect for tout a l'heure. I used this instead of plus tard because of its use in the recent lessons.


Why can't we use nous reporterons


You can now - 12 August 2021


This sounds odd in English - it's tautological. If you push something back then by definition it will be later. Is this also the case in French? However it you said "We will push this back to a specific time, eg tomorrow" it would be fine.


Reportera- to push back? Surely that would mean to postpone or defer as push back has no relevance at all in the English that I and my people speak. It may be the direct translation from the French; but it misses the mark for understanding of that translation


Well "push back" is common office jargon that would be understood by many, but perhaps not all, in the UK. However I agree that postpone makes better sense - but hey, why not use two words when one will do better? Hehe!


what's wrong with using "a tout a lheure" instead of 'plus tard'??


It accepted .... On ça reportera à plus tard, ce n'est pas urgent... as correct and suggested that I had a typo saying....On la reportera à plus tard, ce n'est pas urgent... as an alternate choice. But there is no choice given for la and.... On ça reportera à plus tard, ce n'est pas urgent.... should have been marked incorrect because ....On reportera ça à plus tard, ce n'est pas urgent.... is indeed correct. The position of ça was wrong on my part and should have been marked wrong.


Ça never goes before the verb like you put it. Never. Duo suggested the least disruptive "fix" -- use similarly spelled object pronoun before the verb. Next time try to remember to write it like Duo's default translation above.


I think you are nit-picking! It can be off-putting.


Why? Was the last comment unacceptable?


Push back is alien to me but postpone sounds right.


Please use "postpone"instead of "push back"

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