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"Cette rue historique, nous l'avons déjà vue."

Translation:This historic street, we have already seen it.

July 10, 2020



This just looks weird in English!


Sounds strange in french too. This sentence construction is meant to make you work on the agreement of the past participle (in french), that's all.


This sentence structure would be considered incorrect in English. You would say , "We have already seen this historic street." You just don't put an object in the front of the sentence and refer to it with a pronoun later in the sentence. It is wrong!!!


They are trying to introduce the object so we can practice our object pronouns. I'm giving them a free pass on this awkward structure for this lesson section.


Isn't it vu, not vue?


You might say, "This historic street , we have already seen with no "it." This is still awkward but not totally incorrect. You marked this wrong. You would never see or hear the sentence structure that you are marking as correct.

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