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  5. "Is the soda pop over here?"

"Is the soda pop over here?"

Translation:Onko limonadi täällä?

July 10, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Soda pop??? What on earth? First limomade is lemonade, if you want to say "Soda Pop" try using limsa generally a shortened version of limonade used to mean fizzy drink. Either way, it would be good not to default to americanisms in direct translation


    Why no tässä? When should I use each one?


    Tässä would be more like "right here (at this spot)" if I exaggerate a bit. "Täällä" is more like "somewhere around here" and would be used for contexts like "in this fridge", "in this aisle in the shop", or "in this bag".


    Limsa also works for soft drink instead of limonadi


    I didn't know what to answer at first.


    Limonadi is a strange translation for soda. I've never heard anyone call soda/pop that in 13 years of living in Finland. Use limu or limsa... Limonadi is lemonade. Lemonade is not soda.

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