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"Are Matti and Liisa a couple?"

Translation:Ovatko Matti ja Liisa pari?

July 10, 2020



So, is "onko" used only in a singular question? Is a sentence such as "Onko Matti naimissisa?" correct?


Yes, it means "Is Matti married?". olla is infinitive, on is third person singular preesens and -ko makes it question.


Still confused about "Ovatko"...

[deactivated user]

    "Ovat" = "They are" (with 3rd person you must always have "he/ne" so it's always "He/ne ovat")

    "-ko" / "-kö" = Turns the sentence into a question and is added to the first word of a sentence.

    "Ovatko (he/ne)..?" = "Are they...?"


    I really like the way that works, but I suspect it'll take me a while to glance at the end of a word, spot the -ko, split off the chunk ahead of it, and translate from there.


    I find it easier to see the -ko part in the same way as the Canadian French 'est-ce que', both turn 'is' into a question.

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