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"Do you know what exactly this experiment is for?"

Translation:Tu sais à quoi sert exactement cette expérience ?

July 10, 2020



OK Duo, please can you explain the word order and any particular rules that apply?


Is this wrong? Tu sais à quoi exactement cette expérience sert?


Wrong word order. The verb can't be at the end here. But you could move the adverb a bit :
Tu sais à quoi exactement sert cette expérience ?


sorry Jojo, your version was marked wrong today (9/7/2020). Let's see whether it will learn (reported it).


I noticed expérience was used with 'ce' in the previous exercise and 'cette' here. Please, i need a clarification on this


according to Collins dictionary, "experience" is femine nous when used as "scientific experiment". I cannot explain for DL's inconsistency ...


A word starting with a vowel.would never use ce. Cet and cette are possible.

Frankly, I don't trust your report anyway. I have never known Duolingo to make this type of error in two years. Even then, it would be implausible that thousands of people doing the exercise wouldn't notice it. I would need a link to believe your memory. Sorry, nothing personal. I just have to go with my experience.


Is "Sais-tu à quoi exactement sert cette expérience ?" incorrect, or simply missing from the DL accepted list? Is there a problem with having two inversions in this sentence?


The inversion worked for me but I put exactement after sert.


Thanks. Given what Jojo says above, I suppose my version will eventually also be accepted ....


Tu sais à quoi cette experiene sert exactement? As a possible translation?


Does this sound correct? --> Savez-vous exactement à quoi cette expérience est destinée ?

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