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"Nousen ylös, koska koira murisee."

Translation:I get up, because the dog is growling.

July 10, 2020



I wrote "I am getting up, because the dog is growling." and "I get up because the dog growls" and both were marked wrong. They should be accepted, no?

[deactivated user]


    Cool - reported


    I have a question: the Finnish verb "murista" means to growl and also to bark?

    Thank you


    The most common Finnish equivalent of "bark" is "haukkua".


    Is there any way to differentiate "--because the dog growls" and "--because the dog is growling"? The difference can be important in English, but if it makes no difference in Finnish... I guess I'll get used to it.


    In French, there's the phrase "en train de", which means "in the process of". It's like if you're filing taxes, you can make it apparent you're doing it right at this moment instead of consistently over a period of time.


    Yeah, where both correct answers are marked wrong, there's a glitch in the matrix, lol.


    The volunteer team has to enter all the alternative (reported) answers into the system first, and it's a pretty small team, I guess, after which Duolingo takes its time updating the changes, so it's no wonder the course isn't yet perfect. It's still in beta for this reason. :)


    I got up is also acceptable


    "I got up" would be nousin ylös, not nousen.


    My answer was marked incorrect, yet it was exactly the same as the correct answer.


    This is actually a very practical sentence to learn. Good job!

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