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  5. "We have a Finnish accent."

"We have a Finnish accent."

Translation:Meillä on suomalainen aksentti.

July 10, 2020



Tis is korrrekt! :)


Oh so now it is suomilainen while sometimes speaking about finnish language its suomi...


It is suomilainen because the thing is finnish. It is suomi becuase it talks about the language even when it adds languagr behind it


Surely it would be more correct to say "we have Finnish accents". More than one person, more than one accent.


In English, yes, but in Finnish you express it like this, i.e. "suomalainen aksentti", "ranskalainen aksentti", "brittiläinen aksentti" etc. - only one "accent" that is the stereotypical accent a person or people from a particular location have when speaking.


Also is the group all comes from one place and they all have a stereotypical Finnish accent they can say theu have a Finnish accent. They're talking about them having the same features in speech, not necessarily the same voice, so it works


Why is suomen aksentti wrong?

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