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  5. "Do you have the headphones?"

"Do you have the headphones?"

Translation:Ovatko kuulokkeet sinulla?

July 10, 2020



it is very confusing that we have to guess where to use sinulla and where to use teillä for "you". Should accept both


Well.. in my point of view "onko sinulla kuulokkeet" fits better


"Do you have the headphones" is inquiring after specific headphones (as the "the" implies), thus, "Ovatko kuulokkeet sinulla."

"Onko sinulla kuulokkeet?" is more asking if the other person has/owns any headphones in the first place, and I think in this case you could also use "kuulokkeita" instead of kuulokkeet".

Someone else might be able to explain this better, but I hope this helped a little. ^^


You have to accept teillä


I could need some grammatical explanation here. I guess that I don't know the used construction. How do ovat and sinulla fit in one sentence?


It's because kuulokkeet is plural. Therefore - ovat(ko). Hope this helped:)


Yeah, "sinulla" is not the subject of the sentence (even if "you" is the subject of the English sentence), "kuulokkeet" are. In other words, it's the headphones that are on/at you.

"Kuulokkeet ovat sinulla" - You have the headphones. (lit. The headphones are on/at you)

"Kuulokkeet ovat pöydällä" - The headphones are on the table.


I've forgotten something. Explain the use of Onko or Ovatko please I get the order for the headphones


"Onko" is singular and "ovatko" is plural. Spoken Finnish often substitutes plural third person verbs with singular third person verbs, though.

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