"À l'école primaire, il créait déjà des logiciels."

Translation:At elementary school, he was already creating software programs.

July 10, 2020

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"software programs" is a tautology. Writing software, or perhaps writing programs, programming...any of these would do. 'Logiciel' is most frequently translated just as 'software'.


Yes, it really grates having to write"software programs". It's just what my Masters degree is in, but I guess Duo knows better.


"At primary school, he already created software." not accepted 30/7/20. Reported. More alternatives please Duo.


American English is not international English.


"Primary school" is accepted (Feb, '21).


Yes I typed, ''he had already created'' and this was not allowed !!


In elementary school, he already created software programs. What's wrong with that?


The past tense being used is one which is not finite. It's (more often than not) translated as if it was a recurring event. So in this case it would be "he was already writing software at primary school and is continuing to do so," whereas the finite "he already created..." is assumed to mean he did it then but moved onto something else later on.

At least, that's my understanding of it! I hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong!


Listening exercise: ils créaient should work as well, shouldn't it?


Getting kinda sick of these clumsy Americanisms. English is much closer to French than the weird dialect that Americans seem to have made out of English.


Perhaps there is a difficulty here in English that may not exist in French? There is a creative process to develop a concept for something that will then be realised by writing software - eg the idea for a new game, or a new application for some defined purpose.

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