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  5. "Mummo seisoo ja tiskaa."

"Mummo seisoo ja tiskaa."

Translation:Grandma is standing and doing the dishes.

July 10, 2020



"Washing up" means "doing the dishes".


Yup -- did you report that possibility using the flag?


Washing the dishes = doing the dishes.


I've noticed a trend where the regular present tense is not accepted for many of the English sentences in this skill- for example here I wrote "Grandma stands and does the dishes", which means basically the same thing but it was marked incorrect. Does Finnish have a similar difference between [verb]ing and just [verb] in the present tense that hasn't been taught yet? Or were all of these translations overlooked?


Present tense should be always accepted. We don't have the same kind of continuous tense like English does. Our kind of continuous tense would say mummo on seisomassa ja tiskaamassa but that's just funny. However, just saying mummo on tiskaamassa is just fine and means "grandma is doing the dishes (as we speak)". If I had to specify that she's doing it while standing, I'd say mummo on tiskaamassa seisten.


If you're talking about a contextual translation from Finnish to English, yes, the use of the proper person of the verb "to be" should be used as an auxiliary verb, to indicate that someone is in the process of doing something. Grandma stands and does (whatever) would tend to convey a general practice, something she usually does, rather than something that she's in the process of doing it.


I have the same question (and no answer for you unfortunately)! I understand why it's the in progress version of the verb when there is an object in partitive, but when its just the verb I was under the impression it could be either?


"Washing the dishes" should be accepted


Washing the dishes and washing dishes should both be acceptable. Absolutely.


grandma stands and washes the dishes

Should be correct - acceptable ENGLISH translation


not sure why my "the grandmother" is not accepted :(


That would be better translated as 'isoäiti'.


Mummo is pronounced very oddly here... The final vowel almost sounds like ö

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