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"Léa would like rather to sleep in a luxury hotel."

Translation:Léa aimerait plutôt dormir dans un hôtel de luxe.

July 10, 2020



The English sentence here is unnatural sounding nonsense. 'Lea would prefer' would be a much better option


It's definitely nonsense in English. "Lea would rather sleep in a luxury hotel" would also be better.


'would rather like to sleep', or 'would rather sleep' could both fit. The english as given here by duo though is terrible. The bit that concerns me is whether some of the french that duo is teaching me is as badly constructed as some of the English they use.


'Rather like to sleep' means 'would quite like to sleep' though, rather than 'prefer to sleep'.


I agree with your translation


The English should read would rather like. Of course we don't say to sleep in a hotel but rather to stay in a hotel. I understand, though, that Duo wants to be sure we use dormir in our answer.


"Lea would rather like to sleep ..." sounds good for British English, but in American English we wouldn't usually say "rather like." Instead, we would say, "Lea would rather sleep ..."


I think you're right!


To defend Duo, I sense a difference between 'like rather to...' and 'rather like to...'. The first one would be natural in a context where it followed a statement of different options put to Léa on where she could sleep and this was her preference over the other options (thus putting the stress on 'rather'). 'Would rather like to' could be merely a general statement (with perhaps a touch of British understatement) without any suggestion that other options are currently being considered.

The problem for me is knowing what the French means. Is 'plutôt' qualifying 'voudrait' (which placement after the verb might suggest) -- ie a form of British understatement? Or is it qualifying dormir -- ie she would rather sleep in a luxury hotel than the other things you can do there, like drink in its bar? Or does it mean she would rather sleep in a luxury hotel than, say, in a tent in a field -- which is more like my interpretation of the English discussed above?

Guidance appreciated!


I used voudrait instead of aimerait and got marked wrong. I thought they were pretty much interchangeable.


yeah, me too. Any guidance?


Lea voudrait plutot dormir dans un hotel de luxe was accepted for me.


What does this English sentence mean? Would she rather like to sleep there? Would she prefer to sleep there? Like rather makes no sense!


Terrible English Duo. Two in a row, wow.


Earlier, an answer was "elle mangerait plutôt des fruits." Why can't this be, "Léa dormirait plutôt dans un hôtel de luxe"?


Looks like my answer is the same as your answer


Great minds . . .


So why not "Lea would sooner sleep in a luxury hotel"?

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