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French pronunciation problems


Have been using the app for a number of years. Am now on Duolingo Plus. Recently, I've been "failing" at all pronunciation tests. I always did reasonably well at this, so..something has changed. Can you please advise??


Catherine Evans

July 10, 2020



I have seen quite a few similar complaints, and the frequency has increased in recent weeks.

This may not be terribly helpful, either, but many seem to like Pimsleur for listening and speaking.

Bonne chance et bonne practique !


Well I don't do French but try checking the tone you say it in.

Edit: Sorry if this wasn't helpful.


i dont have problems with pronunciation but that might just be how i was tought but it does get easier . what letters do you seem to struggle with the most recently ? it might have just been a couple slip ups but im sure you will work it out !!

sorry if this hasnt helped


I have problems, but i have assumed that i am bad at the pronunciation.

I tried to record my pronunciation and it sound horrible.


Is this is software problem or a product of user error? If its the software then you should contact Duolingo, if its user error then you can try listening to native speakers by watching Netflix shows and movies in French, listening to French music, etc.

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