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Does anyone have recommendations for Finnish YouTubers?

I want to start to consume more Finnish media and the easiest way for me to do that is through YouTube. So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations :)

July 11, 2020



Yle is a Finnish public broadcasting service company. They have a good variety of videos and topics: https://www.youtube.com/user/yle If you look at their playlist there's stuff like "Perjantai-dokkari" which are usually short documentaries about how different kind of people live their lives, and "Mitä mietit Ronja Salmi?" which are short videos in which Ronja Salmi, one of our most known media personalities, read comments from her followers that usually relate to the topic of the week that she has already handled on her TV show. There's also clips of comedy shows like "Siskonpeti".

Yle also has other channels for other type of content like gaming news etc.

Yle also has "selkouutiset" which is news but made especially for language learners and those who for any other reason find it hard to follow spoken language on a normal speed. Apparently they don't have those on their official channel but I managed to find an unofficial playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwWRQhEbWkWYmE4pCsmA0tPamMGFqzg96


Seconded on the recommendation for Ronja Salmi's stuff! Her show and podcast are super well done.


I don't watch Finnish youtubers too much, but one that I've enjoyed for years now is maiju. She has a lot videos about current topics and sustainable fashion/clothing + vlogs about her life (super good for building up vocab you actually need in every day life).

Another youtuber I would suggest is Dave Cad. He's British but he lives in Finland has many videos about learning Finnish and a few vlogs where he speaks Finnish.



Maiju has a very clear speaking style! :)

Another one I like is Sita Salminen who speaks slightly with a dialect (for example she uses "mie" instead of "minä") but I don't think it's anything that would ruin the learning/listening experience. She has a nice calm personality and just like maiju she does a lot of everyday life vlogs.

One thing worth mentioning about Dave Cad is that personally as a native speaker I've never had any difficulties understanding his Finnish even though he has a strong accent and sometimes uses wrong conjugations. So I think that could be an encouragement for many learners. :) Finnish pronunciation might be hard but you don't have to speak perfectly to be understood.



She makes videos for learning Finnish without specific grammar lessons. The language is quite natural spoken Finnish, but spoken slowly and clearly. The idea is to watch/listen to each video multiple times until you understand pretty much everything. I came across this channel when I was learning Italian with the same method and I can say it definitely works. After watching this kind of easier content for some time it will be a lot easier to move to content that is not specifically tailored for language learning.

I have to say that as I'm a native speaker I have only watched a couple of her videos, but what I saw seemed exactly what I'd want when learning a new language. The videos I saw had also both English and Finnish subtitles that is great for beginners.

p.s. If anyone knows a similar channel for Estonian I'd like to know


Are you into what kind of youtube videos? I'm following some but not too many since I'm not so into the Finnish youtube scene.


I like a bit of everything, but I'm mostly into gaming, art, music, entertainment, science, animals and basically anything creative.


Alright! My favorite gaming channel is LaeppaVika; and another one who does great videos (from gaming to humour) is called Lakko.

Korroosio Comedy is a group of three guys who make sketch videos, they are often pretty short and sometimes the humour is on the action rather than on words so they might be easy to follow too. I find them really way too underrated!

Pahalapsi is a goth woman with awesome personality and accent! She works as a baker and her channel is a lot about goth stuff, and that's something that I'm not even really into but somehow I like watching her videos, maybe it's the accent and personality, then :D She sometimes also addresses bit more rough topics too, like mental illnesses or so.

Another female youtuber: Papananaama, on her case it's also her personality and especially the sense of humour that I like, and she makes videos of very interesting and sometimes also controversial topics, but sometimes also shorter humour videos. Lately she hasn't been that active, but her second The Sims 4 video had me cry-laughing so much.

Jennysvoices does videos about voice acting and theories about Disney etc. movies, so it revolves around cartoons and animated movies a lot, but I'm fascinated by people who can imitate or use their voice so many different ways that I really like watching her videos anyway.

Here's at least some that I can think of and who/what I myself have subscribed to and like watching. Hope some of these are what you're looking for too :)


Thank you so much these all sound great!


Watching Finnish vlogs is definitely a way I still stay connected to Finland from the States. I watch mostly lifestyle vlogs (I guess that's what genre they'd be?) from people around my own age. I like Maiju Voutilainen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsEFK6-7uglFY3sV8E8hpg), Veronica Verho (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3itVIVwxetpoCVqpMTjkQ), and Hermanni (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZF00ZuvLzgMMWee98OWwQ) to name a few. They're the ones I've watched for some years now.

Someone mentioned above that Maiju's easy to understand, and now thinking about the three above I just recommended, I think for a non-native speaker she's probably the best one to start with. Both Hermanni and Veronica speak with regional dialects (Lappeenranta and Turku if I remember right) which can be a little difficult to understand.

Also, I'm recently super hooked on Lila Xenia's channel. Her husband's a footballer and they live in New York because of his job. It's mostly just her life in the States with their kids and they're so freaking cute! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCox-PFdfUbCQZT4NYT-MzEw


My favourite Finnish language learning channel is Kat Chats: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDSMJAKwHWEIY5YzhWyd_Q

I also visit Sinä osäät! quite a lot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9tDAXEWnBL5neFwZwaFtpA

Aleksi Himself has an entertaining style and some some videos (in English) on the Finnish language, but his channel is mostly about Finnish culture and living in Finland: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuBvl8mzPolBzPU9ju4cXsA

I hope these help

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