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Terve! I think I've started to plateau, I need help! Kiitos.

I am enjoying learning the suomalainen tongue, but I am struggling a LOT with the pronouns like 'they, we, you, etc.' in questions and the relationships of the pronouns with verbs combining "onko" as in: tanssiiko.

How can I consistently comprehend these cases? Is there a simple way to remember for English speakers? I'm just going to keep practicing until something clicks.

July 11, 2020



First take a look at the endings:

  • minä olen / tanssin
  • sinä olet / tanssit
  • hän on / tanssii
  • me olemme / tanssimme
  • te olette / tanssitte
  • he ovat / tanssivat

Those are the suffixes you need and you will be adding those to the words you use. With the plurals it can help that me always uses -mme and te uses -tte and they kinda rhyme with the pronouns.

And as siaure said already, when you're forming a question, you just add -ko/-kö (depending on the vowel harmony) to the end of the verb:

  • olenko / tanssinko minä?
  • oletko / tanssitko sinä?
  • onko / tanssiiko hän?
  • olemmeko / tanssimmeko me?
  • oletteko / tanssitteko te?
  • ovatko / tanssivatko he?


Hey that's a lot more concise and memorable to me than the way I saw it explained in the Tips for that exercise. Turns out I'm struggling with the suffixes more than the -ko but this really kickstarted me. Awesome!


Tanssinko, tanssitko, tanssiiko, tanssimmeko, tanssitteko, tanssivatko.

Just add -ko/-kö to the verbs in the present form (tanssin, tanssit...)


OK, thank you. I guess I have the most difficult time getting the verb's pronoun suffix correct before the -ko then. Just realized there's a Tips button for each exercise, that cleared up a lot too :-D


Maybe you need to get into the grammar side of things just for a bit?


minâ, sinâ, hän, me, te, he, se, ne, ,,, minulla, sinulla, hanella..

Can’t wait for grammar and notes that we haven’t seen yet.

Kiitos. Suomea on kaunis kiela.


This dictionary could be useful:
Kielitoimiston sanakirja

minä, sinä, hän/se; me, te, he/ne
minulla, sinulla, hänellä/sillä; meillä, teillä, heillä/niillä

”Suomi on kaunis kieli.”

! The vowel harmony:
   a o u e i – – –
   – – – e i y ä ö


I cannot help you with the grammar, but I look at Finnish sentences like this: I know quite a few words so I try to match up the word stem. Then, knowing that much of the 'meaning of direction' goes into the ending, I make a guess at that part. For instance "-ko" indicates a question, and just before that ending you can mostly figure out who is being addressed or what direction things are moving.

In the tests I am usually surprised to see how Finnish requires so many less words than the English translation. But then again, the extra "in/to/from/of/the/it" etc. sprinkled in between make English sentences easier to deconstruct than the Finnish ones.

Maybe you can tickle your brain in the right direction by watching some youtube standup comedy in Finnish. If you don't get the jokes you still train the ears and at some point you may even spot the patterns.


Big fan of standup comedy, this might be a great idea! I feel like I can follow the cadence a bit better than normal conversational speaking for sure.


Have a look at Ismo, he often does a play on words (he's also funny in English). It may be good study material as it is quite repetitive. I'd suggest to watch this with subs once, and then again without: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EWMlCusxjQ


Kiitos! Very difficult for me to find Ismo in Finnish, as he's become popular in English. I also checked out a roast of Janne Kataja, which was well above my level/speed still, but I could just FEEL how mean that lady is to the bald man :D

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