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"Je prends un aller simple ou un aller-retour ?"

Translation:Am I getting a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket?

July 11, 2020



This really should accept "Am I getting a single or a return" because the idea of ticket in contextually implied in English as well as in French.


Or at least drop one of the "tickets": Am I getting a one-way or a round-trip ticket?


Most people would say a return ticket I find.


"Most people would say 'return ticket.'" That depends on whether you're doing your polling in Hertfordshire or California.


Why is un aller-simple wrong while un aller-retour is right. Shouldn't both use a hyphen or am I missing something ?


Is it okay to translate: "Should I get a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket?" It's marked wrong currently. If not, what would be the French translation for my translation?


I had the same thought. I think you are correct, but I'm no expert.


what is wrong with "shall I take..." and I agree with the comments about the repetitive nature of 'ticket' and wonder if the French bother to say all that every time


What is the difference between a round trip ticket and a return ticket? are they the same or another English variation?


They are the same thing. "Round-trip ticket" is common American usage; "Return ticket" is British usage.


do we have to listen to the slow version to hear the word "ou"? It elides totally into "un" into a single syllable, despite the speaker sounding like she's overdosed on Prozac.


Oddly enough, "Shall I take a one-way ticket or a return" was accepted even though Duo has always rejected 'I shall"!


"Should I get a one way or a return ticket?" - is also accepted. I was tempted to leave out the redundant word "ticket" but from previous experience decided to leave it in "singly".


"Am I getting just a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket?" Why does adding "just" make it wrong? Are you trying to catch people out?


That's fine if translating for a purpose other than validation in a teaching app. Here, though, you should avoid embellishment. The French doesn't have juste, seulement, or ne ... que so by adding it to the English you're asking the app to mark you wrong.


There's a problem with the grading on this question. My response was scored as incorrect despite being identical to the answer given.


booking, probably a better way to translate "trends"

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