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"Ne leur en raconte pas, sinon ils seront effrayés."

Translation:Don't tell them about it; otherwise, they will be frightened.

July 11, 2020



That's really bad English.


What does "don't tell them any" mean? Any what? Anything perhaps?


I had assumed it referred tales of intrigue, ghost stories, or thrilling accounts. Imagine the sorts of tales told to one another by teenagers over a campfire, usually with the teller of the story holding a light under his face.


Merci. Your explanation is helpful. "Don't tell them any ghost stories/war stories," etc....


Don't tell them about it; otherwise they'll be frightened.


I'm beginning to despair of duolingos ability to teach me French if this is its attempt at English. It doesn't make sense at all.


"Don't talk to them about it, otherwise they'll be frightened"; is there something wrong with this?


To talk about = Parler de

"Don't talk to them about it" = Ne leur en parle pas.


En refers to a previously mentioned object or scenario, so i agree with angus390025. The sentence would be said in English on response to such a suggestion as I'm going to tell them some ghost stories.


What is wrong with"don't tell them that...."


Don't tell them that = Ne leur dis/raconte pas cela/ça


Pourquoi pas "Ne les en raconte pas ..." leur = their les = them; Don't tell their about it ???


No, leur can be a possessive pronoun meaning their, and leurs always means their ... C'est leur voiture. Ce sont leurs enfants.

But leur is also an indirect object pronoun meaning them. Je leur ai donné une lampe. In this exercise it's an indirect object pronoun.

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