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"Frédérique ne veut pas savoir combien elle pèse."

Translation:Frédérique doesn't want to know how much she weighs.

July 11, 2020



Why couldn't the given French phrase be translated as "... how much it weighs", where 'it' refers to a feminine noun? I understand that, for the beginning of a sentence, "Il/elle est" is used to translate "It is" when followed by a noun, and "C'est" is used to translate "It is" when followed by an adjective, but I haven't found a rule that explains the case like in this sentence.


Since there is only one person identified in this sentence (and no object mentioned), I think the most likely translation would assume Frédérique and the later elle are one and the same female person.


If it's a valid translation, it should be accepted, regardless of its likelihood. Absent additional context, there's no way to tell whether Frédérique is apathetic about her own weight (or another woman's weight), or about the weight of some other unnamed feminine-gendered object.


400 pounds thats for sure


How am i supposed to know how someone's name is spelled.... The sentence should be what is being corrected


does elle refer to another person/object?


No, it refers to Frederique (which is a female name, I'm told).


Ohhh. Well, that makes a lot more sense.

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