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  5. "Tämä tomaatti on oranssi."

"Tämä tomaatti on oranssi."

Translation:This tomato is orange.

July 11, 2020



Why isn't it tämä tomaatti on oranssia


Because "tomaatti" is not a mass noun


in principle I can see this, but the confusion is that some of the exercise sentences treat tomaatti as a tomato mixup dish of some kind .... eg, one was tämä tomaatti on makeaa


A tomato mixup dish of some kind would be "tomaattikeitto" or something like that. When it comes to describing the taste of something countable in nominative case, both nominative and partitive case are used for the adjective if it's in a predicative expression, but I reckon that nominative case for the adjective is significantly more common.

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