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"I would like to have the time to get bored."

Translation:J'aimerais bien avoir le temps de m'ennuyer.

July 11, 2020



Why "bien"? "J'aimerais" already means "I would like". With the "bien" added it sounds more like "I would really like".


Agreed but in another comment thread it was stated that, unlike the difference between "aime" and "aime bien" (like and love for a person), "aimerais" and "aimerais bien" mean the same thing. Just a different way of saying it. I tested the theory and was marked correct when I left out the "bien".


But I was marked wrong for not having "bien"! Everything else was the same. (Sorry I can't reproduce it, because sometimes the program goes too fast.)


Marked correct withour bien


Why not je voudrais?


I've noticed that voudrais is more I would like a sandwich: something direct and obtainable. Aimerais is more a wish: i would like to have a pony. You're not buying a pony at the store, just saying you'd like one more abstractly.


ocelotish, I think you're correct. That said, voudrais is accepted now.


I thought the same


J'aimerais avoir le temps de m'ennuyer. Accepted :)


What is the rule for putting "de" between the conjugated verb (aimerais) and an infinitive (avoir) in this sentence? I am getting all confused when to use "de" and not to. I put for this: J'aimerais bien d'avoir le temps pour m'ennuyer, which was refused.

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