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"The soldier is wearing green pants."

Translation:De soldaat draagt een groene broek.

August 7, 2014



i don't understand the purpose to "een" in this sentence. could someone please explain?


The a/een is in the English sentence as well. But it is the plural form of 'a'. Pants is plural English, but in Dutch broek is singular. So you use the singular form for a/een.


I'm afraid this doesn't make sense to me. There is no "a" in the English translation of this sentence.


It's because in English we use "pants" which is plural and in dutch we use "broek" which is singular. for example, "The man wears A green shirt" or "The man wears green shirts" In Dutch that would be, " De man draagt een groen hemd" or "De man draagt groene hemden".


Though, if you say "De soldaat draagt groene broek." Is that incorrect?


Yeah, just like in English: 'The woman is wearing green necklace.'.


Or would that be, "De soldaat draagt groene broeken"?


Is broek singular in dutch? I think the confusion about een is because pants is generally plural, unless otherwise specified. E.g. a pair of pants.


Why the 'e' at the end of "groene" here while there's no 'e' at the end of "zwart" in "De directeur draagt een zwart pak"?? This is so confusing… :-/

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It depends if the noun is a de woord or a het woord:

  • De jurk - de zwarte jurk - een zwarte jurk
  • Het pak - het zwarte pak - een zwart pak


Pants confuses english english speakers like me. You wear pants under your trousers and neither are singular as they both come in pairs. Sorry its hard having to think american all the time


Could you say, "De soldaat draagt een groene broeken"?

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