"C'est cette table de chevet qui est cassée."

Translation:It's this nightstand that's broken.

July 11, 2020

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It's this bedside table that's broken should be accepted. We don't have nightstands in the UK, and in every other exercise you accept bedside table.


quite right and once again very lax and annoying


I have reported this twice, so far. The second time is today. I wrote "it is this bedside table that is broken". We don't have "nightstands" in my house either. I recognize the word when I see it, but my instinct was to write "bedside table". I gather that some people might call a bedside table a nightstand, but surely both should be accepted. (I just checked on Amazon and Ikea and their websites describe "bedside tables and nightstands" but do not seem to distinguish between the two, which makes me think that the terms are synonymous.)


You have accepted 'bedside table' on every previous occasion. Why not this time?


I agree with all the other comments. This is getting ridiculous.


and though reported six months ago nothing has changed. What is a nightstand for God's sake?


There are many ways to say this in English. But only "nightstand" is accepted. Not bedside table. Reported.


There is no such thing as a nightstand in UK English. I first reported this 9 months ago. Come on Duo - we're here to learn French not American.


'bedside table' still not accepted - come on, Duo...


I said 'bedside table' for nightstand and was marked wrong. Why?


It is this nightstand which is broken
Not accepted Anyone know why?


Not accepted 11/15/21. Not sure at all why. My English must suck.


"It's THAT nightstand that's broken" not accepted (12/5/2021


We always called it a night table.


'it is this nightstand which is broken' was rejected. It is beyond me! Why? Because using 'which' instead of 'that'? Come on! This is ridiculous, in particular because Duo has (reluctantly?) accepted 'which' as an alternative to 'that' in the past. Or am I missing something?


"This is the nightstand that's broken." not accepted.


I'm fed up with american pidgin english, and fed up with getting sometimes 3, sometimes 4, and occasionally 5 hearts a day. What happened to your aim being to make learning free and fun?


c'mon Duolingo, be sensible - youv'e been accepting bedside table as a translation for table de chevet before so why not now. Ridiculous!!!


Why, WHY can't it be "This is the nightstand..." INSTEAD of "It's the nightstand"? Doesn't "C'est" mean: "it is", "this is" AND "that is"?????

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