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"The sandals are over there, but where is the towel?"

Translation:Sandaalit ovat tuolla, mutta missä pyyhe on?

July 11, 2020



I agree with IvelineMec "Missä pyyhe on" and "missä on pyyhe" mean exactly the same if there is no context for the phrase.


Missä pyyhe on = missä on pyyhe. However, it is not accepted. Unlike in English, word order in Finnish is not important.


missä on pyyhe = where is A towel
missä pyyhe on = where is THE towel
the sentences have a subtle difference in meaning and word order is important in Finnish, it's just not as strict as in English


I wrote Sandaalit tuolla ovat... and was marked wrong, and corrected to use Sandaalit ovat tuolla. I flagged it as "should be accepted," assuming just as you point out, that the word order better suited "THE sandals" —but if there is a critical difference here, could someone please enlighten me?

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